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Latino Community Foundation Awards $257,100 to Colorado Non-Profits

By Joe Contreras, LatinLifeDenver.com, Photos by Larry Fierro see complete photo gallery below...

Latino Foundation Non-profit awards (167)Latino Foundation Non-profit awards (102)

“As our population continues to grow, our responsibility continues to grow” said Yolanda Quesada, Managing Director of the Latino Community Foundation of Colorado, (LCFC). "Be proactive, be the solution. It is only through coming together as a community that we are able to give these awards to organizations that working hard every day to educate our kids, to welcome immigrants, to train the new leaders of tomorrow” She told the audience who had gathered at the Mexican Cultural Center just outside of Denver to recognize and congratulate this year’s non-profit grantee recipients.
Latino Foundation Non-profit awards (153)
More than $257,000 was awarded to 17 non-profit organizations, (see list of recipients below). Since its inception, the LCFC has provided 65 grants totaling more than $1 million to Latino nonprofit organizations throughout Colorado. Last November the LCFC was recognized as “Outstanding Foundation” for 2012 during National Philanthropy Day in Colorado.
Latino Foundation Non-profit awards (97)
Quesada thanked the Rose Foundation for helping make the Latino Foundation the strong organization it is today and announced that along with the Rose Community Foundation, Hispanics in Philanthropy, the Colorado Health Foundation and Community First Foundation they have launched the Colorado Latino Age Initiative. “It is an initiative that is specifically focused on assessing the needs of Latino elders in our community. “It is an issue that nobody talks about but since launching this initiative many people have become interested and want to learn more. Many of them have told us stories of aging parents and grandparents and the challenges they face in providing care for their loved ones. It is something that is very personal to all of us and thanks to this initiative and the organizations involved we now have a forum to have a focus on this initiative”, she said.

Looking out at the audience Yolanda Quesada stated, “with all the donors and all the non profits we have here, I feel confident that we are built with strong bones and strong muscles to continue the work we are doing”.

About the Latino Community Foundation of Colorado:
latino community foundation
Established in 2007, the Latino Community Foundation of Colorado (LCFC) is an organization dedicated to developing and leveraging resources and leadership to strengthen Colorado’s Latino families and communities. The LCFC is a partner project of Rose Community Foundation launched together with Hispanics in Philanthropy, The Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation, Western Union Foundation and individual LCFC Founders to be a resource in the community and a catalyst for positive change.

The Latino Community Foundation of Colorado [LCFC] and Hispanics in Philanthropy’s [HIP] Giving Partnerships for Strong Latino Communities is an initiative to expand the amount, impact and leverage of individual giving by Latino leaders to their local communities. The LCFC and HIP partnership focuses on supporting organizational capacity and leadership development to ensure that Latino organizations are better able to sustain their work and have an ongoing role in developing a strong and vibrant Latino community in Colorado.

2013 Grantee Reciepiants


Café Cultura $10,000

Café Cultura promotes unity and healing among Indigenous peoples through creative expression while empowering youth to find their voice, reclaim oral and written traditions, and become leaders in theircommunities. The funds will be used to develop fundraising tools.

Centro Humanitario Para Los Trabajadores $10,000

El Centro Humanitario promotes the rights and well-being of day laborers through education, job skills, leadership development, united action and advocacy. The grant will be used to develop and implement a communications plan, including staff training, a revised logo, new brochures, banners and annual reports.

Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition (CIRC) $17,000

CIRC improves the lives of immigrants and refugees by making Colorado a more welcoming, immigrantfriendly state. The grant will be used to implement a board- and member-led process to restructure and strengthen its governance structure; and to help CIRC develop stronger financial planning strategies.

Denver Children’s Advocacy Center (DCAC) $6,000

DCAC’s mission is to prevent abuse, strengthen families and restore childhood. The grant will fund a strategic planning process, including board and staff development; program funding/alignment with mission; sources of funding; communications and organizational branding.

Girls Inc. of Metro Denver $10,000

Girls Inc.’s mission is to inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold. The grant support the developmentof a marketing initiative to strengthen brand awareness, increase cultural competency, support fundraising efforts and improve community engagement activities.

Hispanic Affairs Project $10,000

HAP is dedicated to attending to the needs and social development of the Hispanic immigrant community living in the Western Slope through leadership formation, community organizing and advocacy. The grant will support new fundraising tools such as a new database, grant writing and grassroots fundraising.

La Gente Youth Sports Inc. $8,000

La Gente serves low-to-moderate-income youth in Pueblo through organized sports programs.The grant will build the capacity of board to diversity funding strategies, purchase a donor database and develop and implement an e-marketing and fundraising strategy.

Latina Safehouse $10,000

Latina Safehouse works to meet the needs of Latina domestic violence victims by removing barriers through culturally and linguistically competent advocacy and education services. The grant will support the creation and implementation of a fundraising plan, create stronger accounting processes, and financial audit services.

Mexican Cultural Center $8,000

The Mexican Cultural Center promotes the richness of Mexican culture in Colorado. The grant will strengthen the governance structure of the organization and to help to develop and implement 3-year fund development strategy.

Rights for All People (RAP) $10,000

Through education, community organizing and campaigns, RAP works to bring the voices of immigrant leaders and their allies to the struggle for equality, mutual respect and justice. The grant will help develop and maintain policies and procedures that are fundamental in strengthening organizational capacity.

San Luis Valley (SLV) Immigrant Resource Center $10,000

The SLV Immigrant Resource Center connects and empowers immigrants with resources to achieve legal documentation, fulfill their economic need, and integrate into the community. The grant will fund a technology upgrade and training to maintain their BIA accreditation.

Sisters of Color United for Education $7,000

Sisters of Color supports the health of the community through promoting health equity by balancing mind, body and spirit. The grant will support the purchase of a new server and expand the usage of software to improve how information and services are tracked, reported, shared and evaluated.


Centro Humanitario Para Los Trabajadores $47,600 in partnership with Bamboo Foundation and an anonymous donor.

. The grant will support Centro Humanitario’s mission to promote the rights and well-being of day laborers through education, job skills, leadership development, united action and advocacy.

IPODERAC’S Children Fund $17,000 in partnership with Cordillera Foundation.

IPODERAC is a boys’ homeless residential shelter in Puebla, Mexico that serves children who live on the street, are in vulnerable situations, and/or have been abandoned. The grant will provide scholarships for 8 – 10 students from the shelter who are pursuing college education.

Museo de las Americas $25,500 in partnership with ReadyFoods

The Museo de las Americas educates the community about the diverse arts and cultures of the Americas from ancient to contemporary, through innovative exhibitions and programs. The grant will support an art exhibit and educational workshops from artists of Tonala and Jalisco.

Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network (RMIAN) $8,500 in partnership with Jared Polis Foundation and an anonymous donor.

RMIAN serves low-income individuals in immigration proceedings; promotes legal rights; provides representation; works to improve detention conditions; and promotes a more humane immigration system. Funds will be used to process paperwork for young immigrants who qualify for deferred action.

Project C.U.R.E. $51,000 in partnership with Fundación Curando Mexico

PROJECT C.U.R.E.'s mission is to identify, solicit, collect, sort and deliver medical supplies and services according to the imperative needs of the world. The grant will support the shipment of medical equipment from the US to a clinic/hospital in Mexico.

 Latino Community Foundation of Colorado Board Members:

Adrianna Abarca

Raydean Acevedo

Toti Cadavid and Luis Colón

Ariel Cisneros

Susan Damour

Diego Hunt

Monique Lovato

Carlos Martinez

Ron Montoya

Theresa Peña

Gary Poling

Gloria Rubio-Cortes

Grant Review Committee:

Adrianna Abarca

Juanita Chacon

Ariel Cisneros

Diego Hunt

Marianella Koustas

Don Mares

Lorena Poling

Corelle Spettigue

Larry Trujillo

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Photos by Larry Fierro for LatinLifeDenver.com

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